Pivox Health
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Market Research & Strategic Planning

Pivox Health’s consultants not only have a strong scientific background that understands your cutting-edge technology, but also are experts in Chinese healthcare market. We work closely with your management team to plan out a bespoke go-to-China-market strategy, CFDA application and IP protection strategy for your medical device product. Our bilingual consultants can also provide translation and interpretation services to make sure that the language and system differences will never be a barrier to do business in and with China.


Grant Application

We are experts in identifying, analysing and applying for grant applications. Currently, ‘Foreign Talent’ is in great demand in China, and schemes such as tax incentives, development subsidies, grant programmes…etc are put in place to encourage foreign talents and cutting-edge technologies to prosper in China. If you are looking for non-equity funding to fuel the growth of your cutting-edge healthcare technology business, we are here to help with the grant application.


Prototype & Manufacture

Pivox Health takes care of the supply chain of prototyping and manufacturing in China, from approving designs to overseeing quality control, to ensuring on-time shipment. We bring significant savings in both time and money for you and allow you to focus on R&D and business growth. Let us know the specifications of your medical device, and we can find the ISO-accredited factories that will meet your criteria.